Sea Life at Wareham library – sounds fishy to me!

We had an interesting, yet wet, visit to Wareham library today. We found out lots of information about the life of a starfish and even looked at some shark eggs. It was a lovely taster before we hope to visit the actual Sea Life Centre later on in the term. We had a bit of time to look at some books too!

Pottering about

Yesterday we finished making our ‘minibeasts’ (2nd attempt after a couple of accidental splats). Completed pictures soon to follow…

Horsing around

We had a lovely visit from Socks last week. All the children enjoyed giving her a good brush and hearing about her escape to have some extra dinner – what a great surprise!

Percy’s shed!

We’ve been super busy making our own versions of Percy’s shed! We’ve each made our plans and thought carefully about what materials we needed.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

You may have heard your children talking about having a Growth Mindset.  This is an approach to learning that we have recently introduced in school.

Growth Mindset is a research and evidence-based approach to helping children be confident, capable learners. Growth Mindset theory describes a key positive mental attitude and approach to learning and development.

A Growth Mindset is rooted in a belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. In other words, people with a Growth Mindset think intelligence is like a muscle that grows stronger with training. This positive mental attitude helps to foster both an interest in learning and a resilience against setbacks; both are essential for great achievement.

In contrast, a Fixed Mindset comes from a belief that intelligence and talent are fixed and that talent is more important than effort for achievement.

As part of our teaching about mindsets, we have launched Fearless Fridays, when the children and staff will be learning about the key concepts and developing their mindsets.


Our Christmas Service

We were delighted to share our singing, acting, dancing and instrument playing with everyone at our Christmas Service in church this week. Many thanks to everyone who supported us!