Special Educational Needs

From time to time, during their education, many children will need extra support. This could be due to physical, emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties. We recognise that gifted children will need individual support as well as a child experiencing difficulties.

We use information provided from preschools as well as our own early assessments, to help us to identify individual needs. This means that early intervention can be planned to offer additional support.

Children in all year groups are assessed throughout the year for language, reading and mathematical ability. This identifies children who have greater potential and those who need help and support in the basic skills. Extra support will always be provided for those with the greatest needs.

We are always able to call for additional specialist support when necessary, so may use the services of a teacher from the Speech and Language Team, an Educational Psychologist or a Behavioural Support Worker for example.

Our school recognises that differently able children have the same right to inclusive education as every other child and so staff and Governors will endeavour to ensure that their needs are met.

Special Educational Needs Policies

Please click the links below to see the specific school policies relating to Special Educational Needs: