Amazing Africa!

Ladybird Class is loving learning all about Africa! We have been investigating what it is like for a child in Kenya, looking at physical and human features of the country, weaving Africa-style mats, tasting different African fruit and creating beautiful African plains-themed silhouette paintings. Today we looked at volcanoes. The children loved creating a volcano that would erupt by experimenting with different chemicals. They have created their own clay volcanoes which will be coming home soon- please look out for ‘volcano experiment instructions’ which will also be in book bags for home experimentation!

Enjoy seeing the children’s learning so far in this topic:



beautiful, careful weaving and exploring fruit that grows in Africa! Can you spot the children’s fantastic African silhouette pictures? They learnt how to blend colour to create an interesting sunset.

Everybody is in suspense as the volcano erupts!




Miss Stranks