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Dragonfly Class

Dragonfly Class is our Year Five and Six class, taught by Mrs Painter. 

140 Corfe Castle Primary School

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Dragonfly Class is where all the children’s previous learning comes together.

Home Learning in Dragonfly Class

By Year Five and Six, pupils should be spending 20-30 minutes per evening on homework. They will be set Maths and English pages in their CGP books each week and will be expected to read for at least an hour a week. This can be in longer or shorter sessions over the week but we ask that parents/carers sign their child’s log each week  so that we can be sure they are reading. The children will be rewarded for this with points at school.  Their books will be checked weekly as developing a reading habit will be crucial to your child’s success.

Your child will also be given spellings, set for their level, each week. These will be tested each Friday. If they get full marks or only one wrong, they will have a new list. Otherwise they will  repeat the list. This ensures that they move at the right pace and motivates them to learn them carefully. They will bring the words home but will also have time in school to learn them.

The children also have to learn the prescribed spelling list for Y5/6 which is in their reading log. These will be divided into a special additional key list of an extra 15 words each half term, but any of these words could be used in our Friday dictation. Please help us by working on these regularly.

Some children may be given extra tasks according to their needs and all children will sometimes have extra research or projects to complete. If your child wishes to do some extra work on an area of interest, this will always be welcomed and rewarded.

The children will be given a week to complete homework and praised for doing so. If they have failed to complete homework, there will be a homework lunchtime on Mondays and Tuesdays when they can do so. This is to ensure that they do not fall behind.

If there is a genuine reason why homework cannot be completed or if your child has worked for 30 minutes and not completed the homework, please write a note in the relevant book.  We hope homework will be a positive experience. Some pieces may need support from you but most will be work which your child can complete independently.


Most Dragonfly children are now ‘free readers’ and they will all be by the end of the year. This means they are responsible for choosing their own reading book, either from the school library, their local library or from home.

Children are expected to have a reading book in school every day. As mentioned above, we would like children to read for at least an hour over the course of a week. If you have the time to read with your child for a few minutes a week, this can be extremely encouraging, even for the most independent reader.


As in previous years, we will supply all the equipment that your child needs. However, some pupils have expressed a desire to use their own materials. If this is the case, please support us in ensuring that they have the correct items:  a blue handwriting pen (not biro or rollerball, preferably not a fountain/cartridge pen), a pencil, rubber, sharpener, coloured pencil crayons and a ruler should be sufficient.  These need to be in a pencil case small enough to fit into their class drawer. This is the children’s own responsibility and they will need to accept that there is a risk of loss or breakage in a busy classroom. Unfortunately, we do not have time to investigate, sort disputes or hunt for missing items in lesson time.

End of Key Stage Two tests (SATs)

Year Six will have tests in Mathematics, Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in May. These are an important indicator of the progress that your child has made in primary school and will form part of the assessments that we pass onto secondary school. We will organise an information session later in the year in order to help you and your child to prepare for these tests. Please be assured that Year Six will be adequately prepared over the course of the year through our curriculum, whilst Year Five learning will not be disrupted or compromised in any way.

These tests will take place on the 8th-11th May 2017 and must be taken on the days allocated. Therefore can I politely ask that, if your child is in Year Six this year, you avoid booking any holidays during this week!