Jolly Phonics

We follow the Letters and Sounds approach to teaching phonics but link this with the actions from the Jolly Phonics teaching programme. Please click on the link for some ideas and resources.

Nature Detectives

Lots of seasonal activities to enjoy.


IXL Maths Activities

Please click the link for some online maths games.


Letters and Sounds Resources / Ideas

This is a brilliant website with lots of games and word cards etc. to download. There is also an explanation of each of the six phases in Letters and Sounds.


“Mr Thorne Does Phonics”

Here is a link to the TES website. Mr Thorne is a teacher who has uploaded some phonic videos. There is one called Jolly Phonic Hand Actions which shows you how to pronounce each sound and the associated action – it is also very funny! There is also a video called The Alphabet with Mr Thorne which shows you how to pronounce each sound.


BBC Schools EYFS

Lots of lovely online activities covering the areas of learning.


BBC Bitesize KS1

Some fantastic online games designed for Key Stage 1 children (Years 1 and 2). Have fun playing the games with your child!


BBC Bitesize KS2


BBC Words and Pictures

Lots of online phonic games


Homework Help