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The moment I stepped on the coach, I knew I was in for a treat. Tuesday 26th March was going to be a great day! Leah A


On Tuesday we went to Stonehenge. When we got there, we looked at the beautiful rocks of Stonehenge. Dylan

It was like we were going back in time, it was fabulous! Josh


When we got to Stonehenge, we put our stuff away and got on the bus. Unfortunately, we left Mrs Morgan behind. Suddenly we had to stop and turn around! Leah LH


Through the windows of the bus, we caught our first sight of Stonehenge! Ellie


The stones looked tiny from a distance but when we got up close they were taller than the London clock tower! It was insane that people moved them! Zak


My group went to see the fantastic, huge stones first. I thought they were epic. Charlie


We actually got to hold a real bluestone and Sarsen stone. How cool is that! Bailey


While we were going round Stonehenge, our guide gave us a real Sarsen stone which was so pretty because it was like a sugary, white beach. Sophie


Afterwards, we went to the barrows and found out that DEAD PEOPLE were under us the whole time! We buried Isla. They believed that there was an after world so they put tools all around the body. Matthew


We built the broken Stonehenge you see today out of magnetic blocks. After that we built the unbroken Stonehenge but you can’t see that today! Charles


At Stonehenge we made rope and flour which was really exciting. We dressed up as Neolithic people and held real, sharp spears! Franklyn.


First they showed us the Bluestones and Sarsen stones, then they showed us an antler. We got closer to the great Trilithon and took some photos. Faysal


Inside the round house, I got to grind the grain into flour and hold an axe which was so cold it felt like a frozen ice cube! Dawson


The first thing the lady showed us was the stones and wooden brushes to make flour. Then she showed us the tools like axes and knives. Did you know, the axe is held together with pig skin? Interestingly, the beds were very uncomfortable which must have been hard for the Neolithic people. Isla


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