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Christian Values

Our school provides a Christian and inclusive education for our children, who are supported to achieve their own potential. Their good progress in both social and academic skills prepares them for a fulfilling future.
We are mindful of children’s emotional development and self-esteem and have a dedicated ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) working across all classes.  We also have implemented a Nurture provision to support children's wellbeing in school.

In addition to good quality teaching and collective worship, the children have many opportunities for enrichment, providing them with the skills they need in order to develop as life-long learners.


Christian Values

In September 2015, our school adopted the Christian Values of the Roots and Fruits collective worship scheme. These values underpin not only our collective worship, linked to the festivals and seasons of the church calendar, but enrich our whole school ethos.


During Collective Worship, these values provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development in our children and adults, demonstrated through the teachings of Jesus, other stories and anecdotes from children and adults.


Children who have demonstrated their understanding of these values through their learning and behaviour are rewarded in our weekly Celebration Collective Worship. When discussing whether starting to focus on a new value meant forgetting about the previous ones, a child responded, “No, of course not! We can’t learn about everything at the same time. We need to build on what we have already learnt.”

The Christian character of our school positively contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children by providing opportunities for them to learn about other people’s faiths, feelings and values during Collective Worship, reflection times, RE lessons and extra-curricular activities.



In April 2016, visited by an inspector from the National Society for our SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools).  This inspection is carried out approximately every five years and judges our effectiveness as a Church of England school.


The inspector spent the day in school: talking to children, talking to parents, observing Collective Worship and some teaching, meeting with our governing body and talking to staff.  As usual, our children were incredible and absolutely wowed her with their understanding of our Christian Values and their reflective thinking.

We are delighted with our report and are proud to say we were judged overall to be a GOOD church school.


  • Children say, ‘Christian values bring us together and help us to sort out situations’
  • Reflection areas and the recently introduced reflection journals make a valuable contribution to children’s growing awareness of spirituality
  • The whole school ethos is enriched by worship and the impact is evident in children’s attitudes, behaviour and relationships
  • Parents say they are fully informed through newsletters and that questionnaires give them opportunities to give their views.
  • Parents particularly value the appointment of an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) from whom they say support has been excellent
  • Parents believe this positive caring ethos based on Christian values has brought ‘the soul back into the school’ and that their children are valued as individuals and ‘genuinely learn life skills for the future through the Christian faith’