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Good morning!

Hope you are all ok and had a great weekend.  Phonics -  I understand there are issues accessing Espresso. Instead, from today at 11.30am the Government are releasing their own phonics sessions on this channel on YouTube. The videos can still be accessed after this time. I am really hoping (fingers crossed) that this will be useful for the children.

Please try to access daily - phonics is the key to your children's independence in Reading and Writing and accessing the curriculum. ​ 

There are three levels:  "Learning to blend" if your child is still learning to recognise letter sounds and blend them together to read 3 letter words. ​

"Reception" - for those confident in blending. ​

"Year 1" for those working confidently with phase 5 sounds, and a chance to recap them.​

Please choose where your child is working confidently.​

Thank you. ​

Please note this is instead of the Espresso lessons. It is directly linked to the scheme we would be using in school and as is Government led, should be the most appropriate".



Dear Parent/Carer,
We have been collaborating across our schools to deliver some learning ideas for the first part of our Summer term. We are missing you all but we are enjoying our school newsletters and email updates. Please access the attached documents. There is a separate document which gives some extension ideas for year 1 in addition to the Ladybird'd home learning pack. 
Many thanks for your support.
Kind regards,
Miss Coffin

Ladybird Class is our Reception and Year 1 class, taught by Mrs Dearn and Miss Coffin.


Have a look at what we’ve been doing recently:

Welcome to the Ladybird Class page. Here at Corfe Castle Primary School we work closely with our Pre-School to plan an exciting, child led Early Years curriculum in which children can flourish.



We would love your suggestions about activities we could do or things your child enjoys doing at home.

We believe the curriculum for these Early Learning stages should underpin all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and allowing children to develop in the following ways:


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • We support children’s transition between Early Years Nursery and Reception classes.
  • We promote an inclusive ethos and allow each child to become a valued and enthusiastic member of that group and community.
  • A strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted in order that the children become successful learners.
  • We create opportunities that enable each child to learn how to co-operate and work harmoniously alongside each other.


Communication, Language & Literacy

  • There are opportunities for all children to talk and communicate in a wide range of situations.
  • Our children respond to adults and to each other, practicing and extending their range of vocabulary and communication skills and listening carefully.
  • We construct opportunities for our children to explore, enjoy, learn about and use sounds, words and text in a broad range of contexts, and to experience a rich variety of books.


Maths and Problem Solving



We provide opportunities for all children to develop their understanding of numbers, measurements, patterns, shapes and spaces by providing a broad range of contexts in which they can explore, enjoy, learn, practice and talk about them.


Knowledge & Understanding of The World

Every day there are opportunities for all children to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question in a variety of contexts, and to explore and find out about their environment and people and places that have significance in their lives.


Physical Development

Our planning allows our children to develop and practice their fine and gross motor skills and to increase their understanding of how their bodies work and what they need to do to be healthy and safe.


Creative Development



We create opportunities for children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of art, design and technology, music, movement, dance and imaginative and role play activities.


Home Learning

Our expectations for home learning in Ladybirds are:

Recommended minimum time to spend on home learning 10 minutes per day.


Home Learning Activities:

  • Reading
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Internet games as indicated by the teacher