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Positive Behaviour

It is expected that everyone in the school community will follow and adhere to the school behaviour policy.  All adults are expected to model the behaviour we expect from children.



At Corfe Castle Primary School we believe that everyone has rights.  Children all have a right to work, play and learn in a friendly, safe and helpful school environment.  Teachers have a right to teach in a friendly, safe and satisfying school which is supported by the school community.  Parents have a right to feel welcome and to know that our children work, play and learn in a friendly, safe and helpful school.



We all need to care about ourselves, other students, parents, teachers, belongings, our school and equipment.  Here are some examples:

  • to listen
  • to help
  • to try our best
  • to discuss
  • to encourage
  • to be polite
  • to make time for others
  • to be on time
  • to help others understand
  • to help others belong
  • to try and work out problems in a fair manner
  • to be honest
  • to look after each other
  • to respect others
  • to work and play safely
  • to share equipment
  • to share time
  • to cooperate
  • to ask for help
  • to ask for opinions and ideas
  • to have a go



We are committed to working towards obtaining the Rights Respecting Schools award.  At the beginning of the school year a Class Charter is agreed with each class.  This is signed and displayed in the classroom.  As part of this process consequences are also agreed for not upholding the charter. The charter is reviewed on a regular basis and introduced to new children as they arrive in school.  As part of our wish to be a Rights Respecting School, rights and responsibilities are discussed on a regular basis with the children, with a range of activities being carried out to extend their understanding.



In addition to our Rights Respecting ethos, we have a set of Christian Values which underpin everything we do.  They are:

  • Generosity
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Forgiveness
  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Thankfulness
  • Trust
  • Perseverance
  • Justice
  • Service
  • Truthfulness

The children explore these Christian Values in Collective Worship and in lessons. Children who have demonstrated their understanding of these values through their behaviour are rewarded in our weekly Celebration Collective Worship.


Marvellous Me!

One of the main points coming out of our recent online survey was the request for more information about children’s learning and the reasons for rewards etc. As a result, we have subscribed to a system called

Marvellous Me.


MarvellousMe is a quick and fun way for teachers to keep you regularly informed about the wonderful things that your child is learning at school and how well they are developing good behaviours and character skills.
The snippets of information that MarvellousMe gives you (and to any other of your family members or carers who join up) makes it easy for you to:
1. Have more meaningful family conversations with your child about school.
2. Continue your child’s learning and practice what they’ve done in class.
3. Celebrate and reinforce their successes and positive behaviours.

All of the research shows that the more that parents are engaged in their children’s learning, the happier and more motivated their children are at school, and their outcomes improve.


Every child has been given a login for this. It is available as both an Apple and Android app as well as being accessible through the internet via a web browser. It is completely free to parents/carers and you can share the code with other family members should you wish.


Red Book

Marvellous Me is a reward scheme for positive behaviours, effort and achievement. It provides us with a way to let you know when your child is doing well at school.  However, a small number of children are still making poor behaviour choices.  This type of behaviour can affect the learning experiences of an entire class.

This is, of course, unacceptable.  Therefore, we now have a Red Book reporting system for negative behaviour which will be used alongside Golden Time. If a child behaves inappropriately they will be given one warning (sometimes known as an amber or yellow warning).  Repeated poor behaviour will mean a red warning, loss of Golden Time and a written record, logged by the Head of School, in our Red Book.  If a child has three entries in the Red Book during one week,  a letter will be sent home explaining the behaviour(s).  Parents will need to sign and return the acknowledgement slip. Should their poor behaviour persist, the next stage will be a request for a meeting with parents/carers at which point a behaviour plan will be introduced.



Bullying is the wilful, conscious desire to hurt or threaten or frighten someone else through physical, verbal, emotional or psychological aggression.

Children must realise that any form of bullying is unacceptable and that such behaviour will be dealt with appropriately by the staff of the school.

Children must be aware that it is the responsibility of everyone to report acts of bullying as soon as they arise.  They need to be aware that this is not ‘telling tales’.  To be seen to act is as important as taking action.  Silence and secrecy nurture bullying.



On starting school, each child is allocated to a ‘House’. If they already have an older sibling at the school then they will automatically be allocated to the same House.

The Houses are:

  • Corfe (yellow)
  • Kimmeridge (green)
  • Rempstone (blue)
  • Steeple (red)

House points are awarded by teachers for particularly good work, behaviour or effort. The points are counted by the older children ready for the weekly winners to be announced in assembly each Friday.

On sports day in the summer term the Houses compete against each other and a cup is awarded to the House that wins the most points on the day. The sports day results are added to the yearly cumulative total and the overall winning House is announced at the end of the school year.


Weekly Celebration Worship

There is a weekly Celebration Assembly on Friday mornings where certificates are awarded to children who have made a special effort, or achieved a specific goal that week.  Parents are warmly invited to this special assembly.