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Saturn Education Trust


The Saturn Education Trust has been created by three primary schools in the Purbeck area of Dorset. The core aim of the Trust is to deliver better opportunities for the children in our local communities. The Trust is responsible for the strategy, management and administration of the three primary schools; Corfe Castle CE Primary SchoolWareham St Mary CE Primary School, and St Mark’s CE Primary School.


All schools within the Trust are committed to provide our children with excellent education; we are committed to nurture and inspire our children to achieve their potential; morally, spiritually, socially, culturally and academically; regardless of their educational needs and their social, economic or cultural background.

Delivering excellent education, whilst remaining small community focussed primary schools, is however not an easy task. Small schools are under increasing funding pressure and support from the local authority is reducing. We do not have a multitude of staff to devote solely to lead the many and varied aspects of modern education. We therefore need to work in partnership with others, within and outside our schools, to have the capacity to excel.


The Trust’s aim is to build education communities that ‘Learn Together’. To achieve this the adopts three key strategies to enable the local schools to succeed:

  • Share: We will share knowledge, skills and resources across the trust to ensure that we deliver and evolve the best practices, both educationally and managerially, in all schools.
  • Support: We will design our processes, training and systems to deliver the support that all staff need if they are to continually develop and excel.
  • Challenge: We will create a reflective culture that allows professionals to review the outcomes we enable our children to achieve, and to assess our effectiveness at delivering these outcomes.


The Trust’s philosophy revolves around securing a thriving, vibrant future for local schools which might otherwise find it hard to excel in an world of increasingly scarce skills and reduced funding.