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Bumblebee Class

Bumblebee Class is our Year Four class, taught by Mr March.


Have a look at what we’ve been doing recently:

Year Four is an exciting time in Key Stage Two, the children are growing up fast, developing their independence and taking on more responsibility within the school. They learn to become good role models to younger children modelling respect and good manners in school and at playtime. Year Three/Four children are confident at reflecting on their learning and understand their own individual learning styles.



Our curriculum is topic-based, creative and fun and inspired by children’s ideas. There are opportunities for all types of learners to engage in learning. Children enjoy working in groups, pairs and as individuals and celebrating their learning with each other and around school by displaying and sharing their work. Current learning is displayed on the learning walls, which the children are encouraged to add too and to return to if they need some help. The children are confident to try new learning styles and experiences and instinctively reflect on their own learning.



Reading is a very important skill that has a high priority in Bumblebee Class; the children read independently everyday and usually read to an adult during the week. Some children are reading using our school’s reading scheme books and others are “free readers”, choosing their own reading books from the classroom or bringing a book in from home. Reading skills are taught weekly in Guided reading sessions with the teacher, with specific learning focuses. Children who require extra support with their reading receive extra support from our skilled SEN Teaching assistant.


Home Learning In Bumblebee Class

Homework is set every week linked to learning in class. Each half-term children, are encouraged to create a topic project (Project X) which can take any form (PowerPoint, poster, model, etc.).


Our Expectations for Home Learning in Bumblebee Class

Recommended minimum time to spend on home learning – 10-20 minutes reading per day PLUS 1 hour 30 minutes per week on other identified home learning.