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After School

Our children’s learning doesn’t stop at 3pm. We have many after school clubs and activities. Many of our children go to Corfe Castle Kids’ Club who run after school clubs every evening. Have a look at their website for more information.


Reading Books

All our children are encouraged to read as much as possible.

Every child is given a reading diary and will take home individual reading books from the same reading level as their school reading group. It helps to reinforce their learning if they are encouraged to read through their books at home.


Children will begin to learn the basics skills for reading as soon as they come to school. Initial reading books may not have any text but encourage children to look at pictures and anticipate, imagine and talk about what is happening in the story. This is a very important stage and will strengthen children’s appreciation and comprehension of books.


Our school use a range of different reading schemes and children read their way through the different levels and types of text. Eventually the children will become ‘free readers’, and will be allowed to choose their own reading material from the library.


All children are encouraged to borrow school library books no matter what reading level they have reached.


Weekly Homework

Additional homework may be set when appropriate to support class work.

As the children move up through the school the quantity and regularity of homework will increase and the older children will be given a homework diary to help them to keep track.



Children receive regular spelling homework and spelling tests are usually held on the same day each week, which may be different for each class or year group.