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Parent Council

Corfe Castle Primary School have established a Parent Council group to strengthen the communication between school and parents. We firmly believe that when parents are working in positive partnerships with the school, the outcomes for pupils are greatly improved. We strive to continually make our schools the best that they can be, and we recognise that this is best done with the support of the parents.


Our Parent Council group meet once a half term with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. We use these meetings to discuss any concerns or ideas that have been brought to the parent councillors by the other parents.


We have found that having an active Parent Council means that concerns and issues are aired in a constructive way, discussions can be had and solutions found quickly. It is also a useful forum for our school to share ideas and improvements with a small group of parents and quickly gain feedback on how best to implement them.


The role of a Parent Councillor is to be a spokesperson for all of the parents in your child’s year group. They gather the views of other parents in time for the half-termly meeting, and feedback any information from the meetings to their parent year group.


Our Current School Parent Councillors are: