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Emergency Closure

Emergency Closure Information


Here are the procedures which will come into operation if the school has to close for an emergency, for example due to extreme weather:


  • If the decision is made to close the school before or during the school day, parents/carers will be informed by our text messaging service.  Please make sure that our school office knows if your phone number changes!  Thank you!
  • If the decision is made to close the school this will be indicated on the Home Page of our school website.
  • If the decision is made to close the school this information will be available on the ‘School Closures’ section of the, ‘Dorset for You,’ website which can be accessed by visiting the, ‘Dorset for You,‘ website using this link to get you to the correct information page.
  • Please rest assured that members of staff will, of course, remain on site while any children are present if the closure takes place during the school day.


There are, quite rightly, certain rules/procedures which the Headteacher and Chair of Governors have to follow when making any decision to close the school but please be assured that they will always endeavour to inform everyone as swiftly as possible.  The decision is also one for each school to make individually and the specific circumstances in each school will inevitably mean that schools may announce their decisions at different times.