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Meaning: the skills that someone has that they can offer to others.


Example: Jesus was called the 'servant king'; his mission was to serve God and to serve all those people he met, through his teaching, his example and the way he led his life.

The OBE Medal


OBE stands for Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and it is an honour and medal awarded to people who have served their country or local community, often as volunteers.


The first honours were awarded by George V in 1917 to people who had served their country in World War 1 but were not soldiers. Over 800 OBEs are now given each year. OBEs are awarded for service such as:


  • helping disabled children and their families
  • working on nature conservation projects
  • bringing relief to carers of very sick relatives
  • protecting and caring for our country's important buildings
  • providing animal welfare


Who would you give a medal to, and why?

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