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Meaning: fairness in the way that people are dealt with.


Example: The winner has been disqualified for cheating, so justice has been done (which means a fair situation has been achieved).

Justice often has a lot to do with rules and laws. In the Bible, God gave his people 10 commandments to live by:


  1. I am the Lord your God, don’t have any other Gods apart from me.
  2. Don’t worship things that have been made, instead, worship the one who made them.
  3. Think about how you speak about me; do not swear or use my name carelessly.
  4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it special.
  5. Respect your mother and father and listen to what they say. 
  6. Do not plot to kill anyone.
  7. Be faithful to your husband or wife.
  8. Do not steal.
  9. Do not tell lies about other people.
  10. Don’t look greedily at the things that belong to other people.


Do you think these commandments still work for us today?

Would you change any of them? Which ones?

Would you add anymore? 


If the world was a village of 100 people


The people could be grouped in the following ways:



Thinking about Justice


How do these statistics make you feel?

Is the World a fair and just place?

Are there things that you have that other people don't?

Do you think this is fair?

Do you think that some of these thing should be changed?

How do you think we can make these statistics fairer?


Have a look at the images below:


What do they tell you about Justice?

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