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Music Curriculum Intent:

At Corfe Castle CE Primary School, our music curriculum aims to inspire creativity and support self-expression. As The National Curriculum states: ‘Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity’. Music provides a beating heart at the centre of Corfe Castle CE Primary School, bringing us together as a community and offering a unique way to express and share emotions and our humanity. We will support children in travelling on their individual musical journeys as well as give them opportunities to connect with others. Our ambition is to foster a love of music that will carry them through their lives. Music is everywhere and everyone loves some kind of music: music is for all of us.


We believe every child is musical! It is the only subject that lights the whole brain and develops physical coordination, mathematical ability, discipline, teamwork, listening and communication skills, emotional intelligence, reflection and analytical skills and the understanding of historical and geographical contexts. We deliver a wide range of musical experiences to engage every child and to ignite a passion for music. By listening and responding to diverse musical styles, finding their voices in singing, performing and composing, each child will become an impassioned, skilled, reflective musician. 


We will ensure through our curriculum that our children:


  • Can sing and use their voices individually and in a group, singing in unison and in harmony

  • Create and compose music on their own and with others

  • Use technology for  composition and recording

  • Have opportunities to play a wide variety of instruments

  • Have opportunities to learn a musical instrument from a specialist instrumental teacher

  • Understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated

  • Listen to and evaluate the legacy of work by great composers and performers across genres, from diverse traditions around the world and throughout history

  • Enjoy, understand and  appreciate music from  a range of genres e.g. Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae etc.

  • Use and understand musical language and include or make choices from the key musical elements (dynamics, timbre, texture, duration, tempo and pitch) in their own work

  • Understand some key musical devices eg. ostinato

  • Make judgements about the quality of music

  • Have a range of opportunities to take part in performances on both a small and larger scale and in different contexts