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Butterfly Class

Butterfly Class is our EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 class taught by Mrs Tupper and Mr Stoner. 


Mrs Tupper: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mr Stoner: Thursday, Friday

In EYFS, Year 1 and 2 continues in a practical and fun way linked to our curriculum. Throughout the year the children will learn to:


  • Develop their phonics knowledge, and learn some spelling rules. We use the Little Wandle scheme for phonics and we use Collins Big Cat Reading books for home reading. Please click on this link to access the parent guide for more information about the Little Wandle phonics scheme.
  • A key focus for year 1 and 2 is to improve their writing style and structure.
  • Children in Year 1 and 2 are expected to use and apply a range of Maths strategies and solve more complex problem solving questions.
  • In EYFS we have the use of another classroom to taylor their learning to the EY curriculum and focus on the prime and specific areas of learning. The children will then be able to explore all areas at their own pace.







Our Expectations for Home Learning in Butterfly Class

Recommended minimum time to spend on home learning – 20 minutes reading per day PLUS 15- 30 minutes per week on other identified home learning. Homework is set every Friday and is due back the following Wednesday. 


We we also ask children to complete half term projects which are fun and create an interest for the following terms topic.



This particular project was making animals out of recycled materials. Don’t they look good!!?


Butterfly Class also has a class mascot, Jerry Saturn as voted by the children. He comes home with a child for the weekend and they go on adventures together.


Today, Tuesday 16th April, Purbeck Arts came to visit us. Butterflies got to experiment with clay, doing lots of mark making and experimenting with printing.

Summer 1


This term our topic is ‘What do you know about Asia?’ In Georgraphy we will be using our atlas skills to locate the largest continent in the world. We will be researching in particular the country of Brunei and comparing it to our own. As part of this we will be learning the continent song. Please click on this link.



 In Science, we will be looking at different animals; their habitats and life cycles. Click on the lick below to explore a website full of science games.









Spring 2


This term our topic is ‘Who is the RNLI?’ We will be looking at the history of lifeboats and the life of Grace Darling. Click on the link below to watch a video about her life.

Video of Grace Darling

In Science we will be looking at everything to do with plants. Click on the link below to get your children learning about plants, there are even quizzes that they can do.


Plants and more

Keep checking the website as more photos and information will be coming soon....

Spring 1

This term our topic big question is ‘How does the weather affect us?’ In Geography, we will be looking at the world’s weather patterns. Click on the link below to start learning:



We continue to learning our new phonemes (sounds). Below our two phonics games that you can play to practice at home.



In Science we are learning about different habitats and animal life cycles. Click on the link below to find out more






Spring Term 1, Week 2

We were visited by the fire service and learnt about how to keep safe as well as learning about a fire person's job. We even got a go on the hose!!

In Spring 1 week 6 we welcomed 5 chicks into Butterfly Class!!

Autumn 2


Who can help us?


This term we will be looking at different people who help us. In our lives, who are all the people who help us?? Who helps us at school? Who helps us if we are hurt? 

In History, we are thinking about Mary Seacole in particular and how she helped people? Also, the royal family? How do they help the UK and us as individuals?

Click on the links below to find out more about them:


               The Royal Family                                                                          Mary Seacole


We had a visit from a Ward Sister from Poole Hospital. The children learnt about her job as well as how to stay safe and clean. We learnt how to do lots of different things and enjoyed her visit. Here are a few photos to see what we were up to. 



Also visit out Forest School page to see what we get up to in our ‘Outdoor Learning’ sessions.

Autumn 1


In Early years our topic is ‘Amazing Me’. We are exploring where we live and the communities we are apart of, who we are, what makes us different and special. The first few week of term has just been about exploring our new classrooms and learn how to be independent in our play. Looking at the pictures below they have had lots of fun doing this.




Year 1 and 2 have been working hard on their topic ‘Antartica’. In Science they have been learning about the human body.  Please click on the link below to discover more.


The human Body


Together the whole of Butterflies have completed self-portraits that can be seen in our cloakroom.



 In English, we are writing fact files on Emperor Penguins. To help you research click on the links before:


Emperor Penguins video 

Emperor Penguins video 2





Early years have been exploring their indoor and outdoor areas. During ‘Independent Learning Time’ they work very hard. Look at the photos to find out what they do.

Year 2022/2023

Autumn 2



We will be looking at how we can travel on land, by sea and through the sky. We will be discovering how this has changed throughout history and in DT we will be creating our own vehicles, selecting the correct materials in which to do so. In Science, we will be looking at different materials and their properties. We will also be finding out about some famous engineers. Click on the links below to discover more:



                                                    Science                       Transport and Travel 

Butterflies have had lots of fun this term 








Spring term 1


Being by the Sea

This term started with a bang! We made firework art and made our New Year’s resolutions.

For the first week, we had a focus on how to be a good friend and how in Butterflies Class ‘team work makes the dream work’.


Now, we are really enjoying our topic, learning all about the different UK seas. As a class, we are doing lots of different writing. We have been writing diaries, postcards and much much more. 

Spring term 2


This term’s topic is ‘Amazing Animals’ and we have started this term with a bang. The children made animals out of recycled materials and they were brilliant!!!




We are going to learn all about animals in Science. Click on the link below to play a game about our topic.



Also we are looking at features of castles in History, in particular Corfe Castle. We have even built one in our class. The children are really enjoying our texts we are exploring too.





Summer 1


Our topic this term is Food, Glorious, Food.

In Geography, we will be looking at where food comes from and how it gets to us in the shops!! 
In Science, we will be looking at all the different habitats of animals and where in the world they live. 
This term we will also be designing and making our own healthy smoothies. 

The children have designed their own habitat for animals to live in…




We also have got caterpillars this term. The children are very excited. They are getting very big now!



Summer 2


This term our topic is ‘Exciting Explorers’. We will be looking into the lives of Ellen MacArthur and Amelia Earhart. Please click on their pictures below to find out more about them.




In Art we have started the term looking at Barbara Hepworth, she has created abstract scultpures. We had a go at using various things to make our own sculptures of our families.