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Astra Recycling Bin


We are now pleased to have a textile recycling bank in our carpark. This bank allows our community to recycle unwanted textiles whilst raising money for our school.



Items that can be recycled include:

• Men's wear • Women's wear • Children wear • Babies wear • Sportswear
• Military clothing and footwear • Paired shoes • Handbags and Bags
• Wallets and purses • Belts and Accessories • Bed sheets • Pillow cases • Duvet covers • Table cloth • Towels
• Soft toys • Unused Cosmetics and Perfumery • Jewellery.


Items that cannot be recycled include:

• Duvets • Quilts • Pillows • Cushions • Carpets • Curtains
• Rugs or pieces of material  • Bric-a-Brac
• Clothes which are soiled, wet, unwashed, contaminated with oil, paint or damaged
• Books • CD's • DVD's.


If you have any items that you no longer please feel free to place them in the recycling bin in a secure bag.